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Floral Product Filter
Floral Filter Units

Who are we?

Having been in the florist business for five generations, our family members are experts in the industry. In addition to helping fellow florists learn how to profit, we are proud to say our relatives have served as members of the board of directors for nearly every floral organization in existence. In fact, one of our senior family members was so revered for his expertise, he went on to become president of Florists' Transworld Delivery Inc. (FTD), as well as president of Interflora.

Why are we doing this?

It's because we continue to care The cost of doing business goes up every year, and the bottom line is something that needs to be addressed on a regular basis. One of the biggest factors that affect the bottom line in the florist shop is shrinkage. For many years we have known about the effects of Ethylene Gas on post harvest floral product. Until now only the larger shops could afford to utilize the technology of cleaning the Ethylene gas out of the air with-in their operations. The benefits of using the Floral Filter are astronomical. Generally, the freshness factor or longevity of most all floral product increases by two to three times. This means that you can store product longer and deliver the highest quality floral products to your customers.

Most mass marketers put their floral product in the produce area, which is an accelerated death sentence for most flowers. Produce is a large contributor of ethylene gas, especially apples and bananas. Most of the supers know this but, we have recently noticed, that flowers have somehow wandered back into the produce area. By utilizing the Floral Filter, you will have a chance to deliver much longer lasting floral products to your customers - a greater value.

We have reviewed existing home air purifier units which can be adapted to reduce the ethylene gas, by over 95 percent in your florist shop, at an affordable price. You can find these units in home-center stores or you may purchase directly from us. What you will need from us are the filters that fit the Air purifier machines. Currently we are producing two (2) different filter sizes that fit three (3) different high-quality air purifier models.

What does it cost? The small Purifier can be purchased (with a filter) for under $75 and the larger units (with filters) for just under $120.. Additional filters include free three-day shipping and cost under $40 each

Which unit is right for you? We recommend the small unit for reach-in type coolers, such as those found at hospital gift shops. A general size work cooler would utilize one of the larger models. Each of the larger models will take care of coolers of 15' X 15' for about 5-6 months. The colder temperatures inside the cooler helps slow the process of ethylene gas emission. Whereas, if the filtering device were used in a room of average temperature (60+ degrees), the filter would need to be replaced about every three months.


The filtering media has also proven to kill rots and molds.

You and your customers will also notice a fresher floral smelling environment.

Units and Filters may be purchased using a credit card through Google Checkout
Florida Purchases subject to 6.5% sales tax

Would you like to see real tests that were done using side-by-side comparisons?
Then click the link below.
The benefit by using equipment to remove ethylene gas is a "NO BRAIN'er". The material that is inside of the Floral Filter is the same as used in the tests. They tested just using sachets. The most effective removal of ethylene is done by forcing the surrounding air through the filter medium. Just that one principle will increase the effectiveness by 2 - 3 times.



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