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Frank Michaels
dba  Tradewind Resources

Dependability, I was brought up in family businesses. The Golden Rule is that the Customer comes first. The existence of Tradewind Resources is due to my philosophy that I can serve a customers needs better than anyone else. Those who seek less than adequate services in an attempt to save money, please be warned that Tradewind Resources is not for you. I will strive to make your experience with ME ,one that will exceed your expectations.
Because you are the customer

As an Eagle Scout!
"I promise to do my Best!".

Frank A. Michaels


ENGINEERING   While working for Glenn Beall Engineering I was able to grasp a good working knowledge of the philosophies of proper Plastic Design.  A properly designed component can cost much less by using many design advantages. The trick is to find a good designer. The designer should be concerned about nominal wall thickness, material selection, outside forces (chemical contact, mechanical stress, appearance), just to name a few. The proper time to use these advantages, is at the very beginning of concept. It is far better to design your part using all of these knowledge’s, than to have a failure in production. I use the latest 3D and 2D CAD software for part design. The three dimensional software will render 3D visual models right on the computer monitor. The models can be rotated, colored and closely inspected prior to spending valuable development funds on models that may not look the way that you would expect. The extra advantage is when going to the manufacturing stage. The information that created the visual model can be used to make a physical model or create tool paths in a machining center to build your tooling.

PROTOTYPE   I offer low cost single cavity (sometimes multi-cavity) tooling to injection mold components. The use of all polymers is at our disposal. You will be able to stress the sample parts just as you would the production part. See the actual color of the product using a color matching system. Typical timing is 2 - 3 weeks lead-time. Customers will use samples for validation purposes since the part would be molded in the polymer of their choice in an actual injection-molding machine. Anything less, makes the component, just another model.   

PRODUCTION   When manufacturing you need to consider company accountability. Cost and Quality are also important. Products that fail incoming inspections are not good for your business. I know of companies that buy from low end vendors and have to sort through the incoming parts to weed out the rejects. I don't think this is good for any ones business. I have a responsibility to do it right. Our Injection Molding facility is ISO 9002 Certified and has been accredited by major clients with 100% on-time delivery and zero (0) rejects.

Domestic and off shore capabilities


Medical - Automotive - Industrial - Electronic - Appliance  Pumps - Hydraulic - Aquatic - Conveyer - Computer - Toys  Furniture - Office Equipment - Container - Closure  Plumbing - Display - Aviation - Packaging   

The main focus of business is in the Plastic Industry but also included are Rubber Products and Metal Stampings.